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$15,000 in His First Month of Blogging. Richard Lowe Jr’s Journey

Richard Lowe Jr blogging

Richard Lowe Jr got a $15,000 ghost writing project one month after he started his blog. He says this was a direct result of his blog. There are various ways to make money blogging. Some of us do…

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Master of None to Unlikely Blogger. Liz Drew’s Journey


You see, some people might say that they have music within them. Me, I have the written word. Have you ever heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none?” This is a phrase that I have…

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install a WordPress Plugin

step by step guide to install a wordpress plugin

If you’re already using WordPress for your site or have recently developed a site powered by WordPress, you would have come across the term ‘Plugin’ on your dashboard. Its plugins are one of the key features that makes…

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Setting Up Google Analytics on Your Website

Setting Google Analytics on Your Website

If you’re operating a website or blog, you certainly have a purpose behind running it. It can be generating leads, gaining popularity, or growing your business. Anything. And, to see if you’re close to or far from achieving…

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10 Best Places to Get Free Stock Images

Top sites for Free stock photography

A beautiful image adds to the visual appeal of a blog post. Unfortunately, many of us pay little attention to the stock images we use on our blog posts. The world of stock photography has come a long…

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6 Essential WordPress Settings

essential wordpress settings

Whoever first installs WordPress is usually confused about how to proceed. There are so many things to do, and it is a little tricky to understand which WordPress settings to start with. Installing WordPress themes and building your…

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Using Copyright Protected Images on Your Blog? Be Ready to Pay Huge Penalties

copyright laws

Imagine you’re having a regular day at work, sipping coffee at your desk. You open your mailbox and the first email you see is from an attorney. It’s a legal notice. Someone’s suing you for $5000 for using one of…

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What is Plagiarism and How To Avoid it?

What is Plagiarism and how can you avoid it

There may have been times when you copied a certain portion of someone else’s writing. You might have liked the idea or concept. You didn’t intend to, but you expressed exactly the same idea, but in different words….

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WordPress Widgets and Menus Explained

Using WordPress Menus and Widgets

If you’ve set up a blog or a website using WordPress, you might have come across Menus and Widgets on your dashboard. Just like WordPress Pages and Posts, menus and widgets can be a little confusing. Beginners, especially,…

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WordPress Page vs WordPress Post?

wordpress post

WordPress was initially started as a blog publishing platform. But it has evolved and grown into a fully functioning online publishing system that helps you create different types of websites besides blogs. WordPress contains several features that are…

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